Adrian's bikes

Post a pic of yourself and your steed before you fall off and bend it.

Adrian's bikes

Postby adrian » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:59 pm

Hello, testing, testing, testing, oh, we're back! Thanks guys! :D

Here's my current set of wheels, a Redditch Constellation framed 500 AVL anglo-indian hybrid, but there are also a couple of RE projects on the go, photos as and when.


I also used to have an Electra-X that went bang in the sprag clutch and then the big-end department - shame, it was a good bike. I had planned to fix it but sold the chassis to Henry, who has recently transformed it into a rather smart diesel conversion (perhaps he'll post a picture), however I have kept the engine and gearbox - more when the projects get a bit further on.


Regards to old friends and new.

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